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Be Professional with Toll Free Number

A toll free number gives instant credibility to your business and conveys a nation wide reach.  Toll free numbers are common and generally expected for any business who is serious about their customers.  Not only are toll free numbers a great marketing asset, they allow customers to call your business without being charged for the call.

Account Management

All accounts include online account management. Log in to easily update plans, phone number settings, or account details. Appalachian Communications provides a streamlined view of all your numbers in one place so you can mange them with ease.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is the back bone of Appalachian Communications. Most people want simple number forwarding without all the confusing menus, queues and complicated management.

Number Porting (LNP)

Phone number porting simply means transferring, and you will save money when transferring that under-used never-used plane-old telephone number. Take advantage of Appalachian Communications’ features, and become number smart as well as phone smart. By transferring to Appalachian Communications you will have a selection of saving (parking) your number while you move or are in transition. You can avoid telemarketers and call back only those you want to speak to, or simply forward the number to your smart phone where – let’s face it – you manage most of your life anyways.
Any numbers transferred to Appalachian Communications remain your property and can be ported out at any time, though we believe you’ll enjoy life in the mountains with Appalachian Communications.